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Safety and Industrial


Our Safety Nets may be produced in the following materials:

Polyamid (knotted)

A material very resistant to environmental influences, Polyamid does not rot, is very elastic and dirt-resistant and without a doubt the best chemical yarn you may use.

Polypropylen (knotless)

The advantage of this fibre is its little weight and therefore the products made out of this material are very light. Furthermore it is very resistant to bacteria and humidity.

Available in the following colours: green, blue and red. Further colours on demand.

Safety nets and ropes produced by our company according to the EN 1263-1 and
contain the following characteristics:

  • Test meshes to check deterioration caused by aging
  • The safety nets should contain an instruction manual explaining how to install the different types of nets
  • The net´s resistance should be higher than 2,3 KJ per 1,5 for indicating the
  • The mesh size may be 100 mm
  • The nets have a label with the data of the manufacturer and the minimum
    breaking force on it
  • The date of manufacturing and expiry are also on the label

The net should be attached in such a way that a free fall from up to 6 m is
prevented. The net should be attached max. 7 m under the human center of gravity.

If you want to check all used raw materials for nets and ropes please click here.

Sellos de calidad ISO y AENOR

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